Bira Box Music

The box plays one of five tracks, selected by a knob, in a loop. Each track is 5-10 minutes long. The music was composed so one box would be complete on its own, but many boxes can be played together and the music will be harmonious no matter what loops are playing and when they started in relation to one another.

nhemo is the complete version of Bira Box Track 4.

Other Music

The Results of the Possible They Did is a beat tape of pieces that I’ve made over the last couple years sampling records by Bembeya Jazz, Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland, Lee Morgan, Animal Collective, a choir from Guinea, and others. I cut in some some clips from Albert Ayler and Sun Ra interviews that I think resonate with what’s going on right now.

Roadtrip is an ambient piece made on vibraphone, glockenspiel, banjo, and percussion.